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COD Measurement / COD Test - Rocker COD System

Rocker COD Test System help you perform COD testing accurate, safe and fast.

◆ 2 COD digestion program: Enjoy the convenience of one-key operation.

◆ Innovative multi-curve COD detector: Select the COD reagents as you want.

◆ Anti-heat and splatter-proof design: Make experiment more safe.

CR 25 COD reactor is used to digest closed micro reflux COD vial and can meet USEPA 410. 4. It is easier and safer than traditional open macro reflux method.

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COD tester/COD analyzer/COD meter
This Video Explains working of water quality detection meter with reactor by our Senior Scientist working in Water testing Lab in USA. This instrument is specially design for water testing lab for various parameters quality test. This unit determines all water quality parameters including phosphorus. This is complete unit made for water testing labs around the world.

This is Multi parameter used in chemical Oxygen demand/Ammonia, Nitrogen/ Total phosphorus water analysis meter.

We manufacture ,supply and offer high quality water quality detection meter in best price to the world market.

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Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

COD is an empiric laboratory assay which measures the amount of organic matter contained in a water sample.

Demanda Química d'Oxigen (DQO)

DQO és un assaig empíric de laboratori que mesura la quantitat de matèria orgànica en una mostra d'aigua.

Demanda Química de Oxígeno (DQO)

DQO es un ensayo empírico de laboratorio que mide la cantidad de materia orgánica en una muestra de agua.

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